The Kitchen Sink, A Broadway Production

From a young age, the kitchen always seemed like a magical place. It was the gathering space in the house. Mom would be cooking dinner, occasionally letting me and my sister help. Almost everything happened in the kitchen, from family meetings to just entertaining guests with a drink and a hot meal. In the winter, the kitchen becomes cookie central. My family is known for the wide array of cookies we make every year for the holidays.  It was a family affair. There were days where all we did was bake and ice sugar cookies for the various Christmas parties we attended every year. Chocolate Crackle cookies and my mom’s peanut brittle were staples this time of year. Throughout the years, everyone knew to look forward to the various creations that came out of our kitchen.

As my siblings and I grew older, and I entered high school, I decided to leave my mark in the kitchen. The last thing I wanted to do was to make a boring box recipe, so I took to the internet. I came across a simple chocolate cookie recipe which I now hold near and dear to my heart. The first few batches weren’t terrible, but my blending skills were not the best. The didn’t matter as much, because the wrestlers I was feeding these to ate them whole without much tasting.

It took a full wrestling season, but by the end I had perfected the recipe with some minor tweaks. Since then, I have made it my mission to try new and crazy recipes. One could argue that baking was my forte. I have spent days looking through cookbooks, pinterest, old family recipes to find my next creation. There have been hits and plenty of misses. Some recipes have been banned completely from my kitchen and others have resurfaced time and time again by requests of family members, friends, or teammates. Each recipe provides a new challenge that may or may not be great, but I will never know if I try it for myself. I guess you can say that is one thing I get from my mom, a passion for baking (and just being in the kitchen all together).


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