On Second Chances

    I had a dream last night that you came back to me. You realized who you had given up. You had gotten so used to having me around that you thought you didn’t want me anymore and so you gave me up. You had finally realized the person you gave up. You had given up someone who stood by your side throughout the entire mess you had created. The person who had your back and defended you around every corner to everyone. The person who took ridicule for staying with you. The person who gave you chance after chance. You came back to me and I had to tell you that I couldn’t be that person anymore. At least, not for you.

You used up all your chances. I am done trusting you. I am done thinking you will get your shit together. I am done believing that I was right by staying with you in the first place. I am done caring about you. I am done protecting you. I am done with you. I am going to take my mom’s advice and find someone who I can bring home to meet my family. Someone who can pick me up and take me on a date. Someone who deserves those chances I wasted on you. I will no longer settle for anything less than that someone. Maybe I should thank you for helping to raise my standards. Standards that you no longer reach.


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