5 Songs About You and Why

With every new love, there’s a new playlist on my phone. It grows as we grow and it becomes the soundtrack to my every day life. Like every relationship, there are a few songs that remind me so much of a certain person that if we ever break up, I will probably never listen to them again. Here are five songs that will always be about you for me.

Woke the F*ck Up by Jon Bellion

This song represents every single night I’ve stayed up with you or have been thinking about you. It makes me realize that I want you around no matter what. 

Thinking Bout You by Frank Ocean

I listen to this one on bad days. I sit and wonder whether or not you want a forever with me or not. Normally, I’m just paranoid and you remind me of that.

L$D by A$AP Rocky

You introduced me to this song before we started dating. You had just convinced me to buy an A$AP Rocky shirt even though I had never listened to him before. We got back in the car and you immediately turned this song on. I’ve been in love with it ever since.

Budapest by George Ezra

Everytime this song comes on, I can’t help but turn up the volume and sing. This song reminds me that I would be willing to give up everything and anything for you. 

The End (Budo Remix) by Macklemore

If we had a single song, this would be it. I think of this as our theme song. You introduced me to it and you say it reminds me of you. We’ve quoted it to each other and used it to relate to our situation. This song reminds me of us as a whole, not just you.


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