Do you ever wonder how you’re supposed to react to something? Are you overreacting? Under reacting? Who sets the guidelines for what is considered the correct amount of reacting? 

Is it overreacting if you’re already someone who overreacts normally? If we are looking at it from a scale point of view different for each person, then one person’s overreactions should be another person’s normal reaction. Maybe it’s all based on the individuals reaction gauge and the situation. Someone should make a formula to gauge reactions. 

Maybe it doesn’t matter how big or small a reaction is. It’s a reaction all the same. The situation warranted a reaction and it was received. A reaction is a reaction, whether or not it was conveyed through a cry session or a full blown out fight or both. 

Maybe there is no such thing as an overreaction, just different ways people cope with what is happening. One person may become distant and cut you off, another may stress shop or get drunk. A reaction is just a reaction and maybe we shouldn’t judge other people based on if they cope the same way as us in certain situations.


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