We Laughed, We Cried, but We Haven’t Died

Class of 2017. If we’re going to be honest, I’ve always wanted to give a speech at our graduation. Unfortunately, I have neither the grades to be Valedictorian or the popularity and leadership skills to be Class President. Since I won’t be making any speeches, I thought I’d do what I do best – write. […]

The Kitchen Sink, A Broadway Production

From a young age, the kitchen always seemed like a magical place. It was the gathering space in the house. Mom would be cooking dinner, occasionally letting me and my sister help. Almost everything happened in the kitchen, from family meetings to just entertaining guests with a drink and a hot meal. In the winter, […]

On Second Chances

    I had a dream last night that you came back to me. You realized who you had given up. You had gotten so used to having me around that you thought you didn’t want me anymore and so you gave me up. You had finally realized the person you gave up. You had given […]

Better Things to Come

If there was a way to completely forget the past 7 days, I would. This week has been a crazy rollercoaster that shows no signs of stopping. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and is currently in the works of being stitched back together in the hope that next week is a little […]

5 Songs About You and Why

With every new love, there’s a new playlist on my phone. It grows as we grow and it becomes the soundtrack to my every day life. Like every relationship, there are a few songs that remind me so much of a certain person that if we ever break up, I will probably never listen to […]

The Missing Pants

Every now and then, there is a situation where you have no idea how any of this happened. The Day of the Missing Pants was one of those days. One of my kindergartners comes into the classroom one morning with a pair of red sweatpants and a note from his mom. “These were not the […]


Do you ever wonder how you’re supposed to react to something? Are you overreacting? Under reacting? Who sets the guidelines for what is considered the correct amount of reacting?  Is it overreacting if you’re already someone who overreacts normally? If we are looking at it from a scale point of view different for each person, […]